Week in the Life 2018

Week in the Life 2018


This year, I participated in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life for the first time.  Ali chooses the week, at random, and we document our lives in a bit more detail.  At least that’s how I understand it. This year, the week started on May 7th-better known as the day the world celebrates my existence (my birthday), and ended on Mother’s Day (yet another day for my family to celebrate me). It was a much more eventful week than usual, which made it perfect for this project.



The truth is, that no matter what week we document, it is sure to be quite eventful.  Even if we spend the week in bed, our emotions alone would have their ups and downs.  I kept all my notes and pictures in the Notes app on my iPhone.  It was easy, free, and accessible.  I also really enjoyed scrolling through the daily note, and reading everything I had written down.



Once the week was over, I had to figure out the formatting for this project. I decided I wanted to make my album as close to Ali’s 3×8 albums as possible, but I didn’t want to buy any new products.  The 3×8 size was a bit too narrow for my taste so I chose to make the book 4.5×8.

I used letter-sized page protectors, cut them down to 4.5×8, used my fuse to seal the sides, and bound it all with my Cinch.  I only fused one side, since other side would be sealed after cinching. I used Photoshop to create my template so I could print 3×8 pages on a 12×8 photo from Costco.  Each 12×8 sheet costs just $1.79 and there is no shipping since I can pick it up the same day.  My pages were cut to 4×8 inches, and the cover page for each day was a full sized photo 4.5×8. I also added washi tape to reinforce the holes, and to make it cute. img_6806

I made these nifty days of the week diecuts to put on each cover page. If you’d like to learn how to make these, check out my post about making your own stencils.  I used the same material for the back, and Oracle 651 vinyl for the letters. If you’d like the free file with all 7 days, background and the “Week in the Life” title, scroll down to the bottom to download.


I started the book off by explaining what the project is about, and writing my thoughts about it.


And ended it with a page detailing how old we are, where we live, and where we spend our days during this week.  I thought it would be great to compare to other years later on.  Also, if it’s clearly spelled out for the reader, they won’t have to do the math to figure out how old each person was in these photos. I tend to memory keep as if it were going to be read by my kids in 20 years.


I documented lots of little things this week.  There was that text I got from mom arguing with the Alexa Echo because she refused to play Spanish music.


I included my recipe for chipotle aioli, which everyone loves in my house.


I added screenshots of my birthday text as well as the posts on Facebook. Who knows how we will communicate or congratulate people in 20 years?!


I also documented when I learned of my father’s death. There were a lot of emotions this week, and I documented all of them.



I only did some minimal embellishing after printing, but it was just enough. img_6804

This little book is full real moments and real emotions. I may not be able to share all of it with the world, but my kids will enjoy it in years to come.  If anything, I can honestly say that I am grateful to have documented this particular week of my life. This little snippet of who we were from Monday, May 7th to Sunday, May 13th portrays our lives so very well. Thank you Ali Edwards for creating this project! I am sure that I will give this another try the next time around.

If you’d like to see a quick video flip-through, visit my Instagram account by clicking here.

Thanks for visiting!

Free SVG and .studio file with all 7 days, background and the “Week in the Life” title:

Free Download



Day 1: Daily Marker Coloring Challenge

Day 1: Daily Marker Coloring Challenge


I’ve decided to give Kathy Rac’s “The Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge” yet another try. I love participating every time she does it because I force myself to play with my coloring pencils, markers, crayons, water colors, and anything else that could add colors to my images. I don’t always use what I color, but I enjoy it.  The idea of the challenge is to color something for as little as 5 minutes everyday.  It’s such a great way to relax.

Today, I colored the most adorable stamp I have every purchased in the history of stamping! Seriously, I don’t know if it’s because my daughter was somewhat obsessed with the band Kiss when she was learning to play the guitar or because unicorns (along with all mythical creatures) are everything, but I LOVE these stamps.


I found this stamp through a friend who found it on one of those illegal sites that sells other people’s designs as their own. Please DO NOT BUY THERE as it takes money out of the pockets of the people who are creating these beauties.

I fell in love immediately, and went on the hunt. Luckily, the ladies from Stamp Junkies really stepped up to the plate, and helped me out.  The stamp is from the European company AAll & Create. Their products are really cool, and they write everything in French and English, and well…I am still sort of obsessed with anything French so there was that. Anyway, they’re sold in several countries, and luckily they have them here in the states.  I ran off to Frantic Stamper to buy it.  Fast-forward 3 days (wow, they have fast shipping and reasonable prices), and I’m sitting here with a glass of wine coloring it for this challenge!

I used We R Memory Keepers Precision Press Advanced to stamp the images on Spectrum Noir paper. To color them in, I used my Spectrum Noir markers, which I love, but hope to supplement with Copics soon enough.  I keep them in color order, and always set up my color chart in front of me.  I am in no way an expert so I totally need the assistance of the cheat-sheet. img_16643


After coloring them in, I fussy cut them with my Fiskars’ scissors and the Gyro-Cut Tool Take a closer look at these beauties… oh yeah, there was a coordinating stamp that was begging to come to me as well…


This little guy is my favorite!



No, actually it’s this one…



Darn it, I think it may be one of these..img_1669


No, it’s definitely this one…img_1667

Ok, clearly they are all adorable, and hilarious, and absolutely perfect! Seriously, don’t walk…RUN…get this stamp set, and make sure you participate in Kathy’s challenge. It’s so much fun to see what everyone is creating.


*No affiliate links used.  They are there for your convenience. I will not make any money off of these links at all.

Memorial Day Crafts


Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Here in the states, today we celebrate and remember our brave men and women who gave their lives to protect our beautiful nation and our way of living.

img_1430We started this weekend off by visiting theIntrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at the USS Intrepid in New York City on Saturday. I had not been there in 26 years, and WOW has it changed! It was such a was such a great day to be there because it was the first day of Fleet Week so there were tons of service men and women. Some of them were barely out of high school, others were too gorgeous not to drool, but all of them looked so proud in their uniforms.



I was glad my children got to see them up close, and got to thank a few of them.  We were even able to meet a few veterans who served on the Intrepid over the years. It really was a wonderful experience.


The guy on the left scared the life out of Nico when he yelled “Hooah!” Never the less, he was so excited to meet them, and walk around the tank.

Other than the vets, and the great museum, there were a bunch of activities on the pier  including broadway performances and live music by some of the best high school bands and orchestras in the country.


This was a high school from Virginia.  They were amazing!


Anyway, on to the crafting.  Since it we were rained in yesterday, I picked up some outdoor fabric, and jumped head-first into making slipcovers for my patio furniture, which was just a few steps past disgusting.  I used two wonderful tutorials to make them.  I used an excellent tutorial from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-yourselfer for the basic form of the cushions, and this one from Stop Staring and Start Sewing for installing the invisible zippers.  I put in the zippers after sewing the side seams together.  I don’t like to hand-stitch because it hurts, and who wants to craft in pain?!

It was a little tricky to put in the zippers since the parts were already sewn up the sides, but I managed. I made a total of 8 cushions last night with zippers and all.  I’ll have to admit, that I  did not buy long zippers because they were super expensive ($6 a pop!), and I wanted to use what I had on hand.  I bought this pack of forty 20 inch zippers on Amazon a few weeks ago for less than $12($0.29 a piece!!!), and finally got to use them.  Since this was an experiment, I wasn’t that concerned about the colors matching.  It is an invisible zipper after all!

Not that I want to toot my own horn, but …bring on the high school marching band…I am super proud of this project.


7.833 yards of Fabric $65.23 (+ tax)

8 zippers $2.38 (no tax)

3 spools of thread (because I have a crappy sewing machine, and less-than stellar skills, and the bobbin kept getting tangled)-$3

Total $70.61 that is a whopping total of $8.83 per cushion, and I have left-over for throw pillows to add to it!!!


DIY Stencils

DIY Stencils


As promised, I’m sharing my crafty stuff with you folks.

Today I want to share a few cut files with you, and show you how I make my own stencils.  Stencils are a versatile tool that many of us have in our arsenal, but we can always use more.  There are all sorts of gorgeous stencils in the market, my personal favorites are from Altenew.  Their beautiful designs, inspired me to try my hand at creating my own.  This is one of my favorite projects; the process is not difficult, and the possibilities are endless!IMG_1365

I first got this idea last year, when my kids brought all of their school supplies home.  We had a ton of thick plastic folders that were still sturdy, but not pretty enough to take back in the Fall.  I realized those folders were pretty similar to the material all of my stencils were made of.  I cut them up, and started experimenting on my Cricut.  It was tough to find the right settings to cut through it, but once I did, I went stencil-crazy!


This is where this clear poster board is found: Kids’ project section at Michael’s

Once I ran out of folders to cut, I looked for another material to use, and found the perfect one in the kids’ section at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store.  I bought Creatology Clear Poster Board (SKU 886946692550) at Michael’s.  It comes in a large sheet of 22 in X 28 in (55.8 cm X 71.1 cm) and only costs $1.99 in the US.  I will tell you this, it is tricky to find, unless you know it’s there.  It usually gets mixed in with the white poster board so make sure to look for it.  I found this material is a great weight, and also transparent enough that you can see your project underneath-a very useful quality when layering stencils.



Here’ s my process:

  1. Create a design
  2. Cut stencil material to size, and load on  your digital die cutting machine.
    • I use either my Silhouette Cameo (I have an old Cameo from the dark ages) or my Cricut Explore Air 2, but these svg files will work with any machine whose software can read svg files.
    • These are the cut settings I use for this think plastic materials:
      • Silhouette: Blade Depth-8, Speed-7, Force-33, Passes-2
      • Cricut: Cut Pressure-268, Multi-cut-2X, Blade Type-Deep-Point Blade
  3. Remove stencil, and bask in the beauty you have created



This stencil, is simply a few, evenly spaced, rectangles in one big square.  I also made a coordinating stencil to add the thin lines on top. Of course, I want to make it easy for you to make your first stencils so I’ve provided a link to the file at the bottom of this post.

IMG_6763Here, I used ink blenders with Tim Holtz’ Distress Oxide Inks in Seedless Preserve for the wide stripes,  and Vicki Boutin’s AMAZING gold glaze for the thin stripes.  As you can see, you get a different look by just rotating the stencil, and laying it over your base.  One tip I have for all, is to make your stencils bigger than 6X6 if you are planning on rotating them. I made my stencil 8X8 so that it can cover the a standard A2 card regardless of how I lay my stencil.  I’ve provided the cut file for both 6X6 and 8X8.



On this card, I kept it simple by using only the wide stripes horizontally.  I used three different colors to create this fun ombre effect using Worn Lipstick, Spiced Marmalade, Fossilized Amber.








Here’s another simple card with one layer of diagonal lines in Fossilized Amber, and a simple die sentiment.



This stencil is great for layering.  I made two quick cards with my distress oxide inks, and some simple sentiment dies. I’ve also included both the 6X6 and 8X8 files for this one along with a simple 2-square stencil for a different effect.  Take a look at the samples below.

These are just a few very simple options for what you can make with your stencils.  You can use, ink, embossing paste, paint, art crayons, etc. with these.  Hopefully, you’ve learned something new, and I’ve sparked your interest just a little bit.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for reading. Go get your craft on, and create some stuff! Until next time.

And finally, here are the files. I hope you give this a try, and share your creations with me.





Who am I?

Hello everyone and anyone,

Allow me to formally introduce myself:

I am Natalia, but my friends call me Tata, a crafty-mama from NY.  I’ve got a couple of monkeys at home, and a grown man I get to live with.  It’s a pretty sweet deal. I cannot take a selfie for my life, as is evident here,


and I am obsessed with the French language.  Those are just a few random facts about me.

I like to dabble in all different types of crafty things.  Recently, I’ve been mostly making cards because of the almost instant gratification.  I’ve been known to scrapbook, sew, paint, knit, cook, bake, hand-letter, customize stuff, etc.  If any of that floats your fancy, then you just may enjoy what I have to share.  If not, you will be bored out of your mind reading through here.

As you will notice, there is only one other post here, and it’s from four years ago.  I’m pretty sure it’s time I pick this thing up again.  So here goes nothing….

If you are interested in seeing more of my projects, please follow me on Instagram.  That’s where I tend to share the most.


I’m joining-Blog Party: 34 Things I Want You to Know About Me

I’m joining-Blog Party: 34 Things I Want You to Know About Me


This year, I will turn 34 (gasp!), and I feel like I’m no where near where I should have been. I just graduated from college, am working on my Masters, have a job rather than a career, and my health is totally out of whack.  I’m kind of going through a crisis.

Also feel this incessant need to tell my daughter what life has really been like, not just the Disney version she sees. I want her to grow up knowing that it’s normal to want to get away from it all every once in a while. I don’t want her to think that she has to be perfect always. God knows I’m not, EVER.

Today, I decided to join in the fun started by Jenn from Simple Scrapper.  She has decided to tell her story before her kids came along.  She put it all into a scrapbook, but then realized there was more to say.  This is where the 34 stories come into play.

The first prompt is to list 34 things about me, so here goes…

  1. My mom was hoping for a boy, and then I came along.
  2. I learned to read when I was 3 using “Condorito” comics in Spanish. <-Very inappropriate.
  3. Once I learned to talk, there was no stopping me.
  4. My family used to pay me to keep quite as a child.
  5. I loved Barbies and Matchbox cars as a little girl.
  6. I was sure that Johnny from Menudo sang only for me when I was 3 years old.
  7. I fell in love with Paris watching Dynasty with my mom in 1983.
  8. I fell in “love” with a different boy every school year since 2nd grade.
  9. In Kindergarten, the school bus drove past 3 cemeteries daily. It was weird.
  10. I’ve wanted to be an actress as long as I can remember.
  11. I used to make soap operas at home with my family.
  12. When they got tired, I started making movies with my barbies.
  13. The video camera was bigger than your average toaster oven.
  14. I started learning French in 4th grade, and I loved it immediately.
  15. I used to pull my 4th grade teacher’s wig when she wasn’t looking. Poor Mrs. Mango
  16. I used to spend every summer in Colombia with my mom’s family until she left me there for two months, and enrolled me in the 2nd grade. I called her frantic, and she had to come get me.
  17. My parents were getting divorced in 1987, which is why I was sent to Colombia.
  18. I vowed never to go back unless my mother came with me.
  19. I went back to Colombia in 1994 with my mother.
  20. My sister gave me my first computer in 1991. It was used, but it was MARVELOUS.
  21. The AOL bill was several hundred dollars the first month.
  22. I stepped on a mouse and killed it trying to save my 1 year-old niece from it.
  23. I hated doing homework, and rarely did it.
  24. I hated reading for homework, but enjoyed my own books.
  25. I didn’t read the assignments in 3rd grade, but I read all of Macbeth on my own.
  26. I loved WWF (wrestling) when I was about 9. Hulk Hogan was the man!
  27. I had my first boyfriend when I was 12. It lasted 3 weeks.
  28. I moved out of Queens when I was 13.
  29. I went from having to 800+ classmates in the 8th grade to 43!
  30. I got my first car when I was 15, but didn’t get a license until I was 17.
  31. I went to Europe for the first time in 1996.
  32. I spent a wonderful summer in Paris, and realized that I was right for loving it so much.
  33. I spend $100 in underwear in Paris because Mamita forbid me from going to the laundromat.
  34. I never thought that I would love as much as I love my kids, even when I want to strangle them.

Whew! 34 is A LOT, but there it is.